Music, play and exploration. In the house and outdoors...

Creating a positive and enabling environment, recognising that every child is an individual and encouraging positive relationships all contribute to a child's learning and development from 0-5 years. If you need any assistance in these years, we are here to help.

A natural childhood

We believe in 'The Genius of Natural Childhood' and encourage all parents to buy a copy of this important book by Sally Goddard Blythe.

By combining song, play and stimulating indoor and outdoor activities, children develop confidence and curiosity and develop social skills: having a decidedly positive impact on their emotional and physical wellbeing later in life.

Get in touch to hear more about the types of play activities we encourage, or arrange a play date with an Early years specialist now.

inspiring tutors and Guardians

The tutors we place are patient, methodical and sympathetic to every child's unique needs. They know how to assess progress and will typically develop an individual learning programme to suit your child.

What's more, our early years tutors know how to identify additional areas of need. Fostering a positive and supportive relationship with your child, which allows them to flourish and develop the courage to take risks and explore.

Get in touch if you'd like to hear about some of the learning-rich experiences tutors provide, or to book a free early years tutorial.


Regular reports and feedback

Tutors at this level:

  • provide feedback after every session via email or by SMS
  • provide an end of term report which gives an overview of progress and targets for next term.

Meaning you stay in the loop, and have an ongoing understanding of what activities are being planned and completed on a daily basis. 

Peace of mind

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for parents and as fun as possible for early learners!

  • All tutors are DBS checked and come with references.
  • Once you've picked your favoured tutor we'll organise a free introductory session at your convenience.
  • All invoices can be paid easily at the end of every month with one click.