This year we've decided to improve the training we offer by making a few changes. Most importantly, we have decided to move from a Pre-Service Training model to an In-Service Training.

What does this mean? It means that rather than getting you to come to a training day before you start working, we will get you on a job first and then will encourage you to reflect on the teaching that you're doing and how you could improve it while you teach. This is a proven strategy for improving teaching quality and means your development as a professionally self-employed educator can continue over the years.


Topics covered in ongoing teacher training:


1. Child Safeguarding

2. Understanding your learner

3. Pedagogy and Teaching Method

4. Academy Philosophy

5. how to revise effectively

6. How to teach Maths

7. How to teach English

8. How to teach Science

9. How to teach Languages

10. Encouraging reading


...more modules will be added to our teacher training as we develop them and as we see that there is a need for them. 

If you have any particular area of teaching you would like to us to explore, send an email to