Types of tuition

Tutors support and supplement the work happening in school using a holistic approach, filling any gaps in knowledge and build confidence in the most important and transferable parts of curriculum.


Regular Weekly tuition

Whether this be at your home or on Skype: this is a particularly good option if the learner finds one or two subjects particularly difficult and needs regular support over the academic year in preparation for exams, or if they are preparing for a transition into a new school system.

We will match the learner with one of our tutors. All of our tutors are trained to foster an ongoing, supportive and nurturing relationship with their students and to add life into subjects which may have become disinteresting.


Residential and Holiday Tuition

We create learning programmes specifically tailored to suit your child’s learning habits, aptitudes and their environment - wherever in the world you may find yourself.

A unique timetable of lessons and activities focused on nurturing the interests and abilities of your child, both academic and extra-curricular

  • Tutors with specific abilities and interests matched with your child
  • Up to a maximum of 5 in a group

Revision Sessions

Specialist revision sessions from specialist tutors who have been trained to make revision stick.

7+, 11+, 13+ GCSE, A-Level and IB course materials covered.

  • Focus on developing independence in student revision rather than spoon-feeding.  
  • Tutors teach study skills that students can use again and again.
  • Exam skills focus and immediate feedback and error correction.



Whether it be for just a month or for several years, more and more parents are becoming aware of the the benefits of a freer and more tailored education that homeschooling can offer. Some of the benefits of LAT Homeschooling include.

  • Individualised syllabus designed around the specific needs of the student. 
  • Specialist tutors and trained teachers who devise a programme of study dependen
  • Scheme of work overseen by the Academy.
  • Half-termly reporting.


Unique circumstances often provide incredible learning opportunities.

If you need something tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to get in contact. 

 If are looking for an idea of how much tuition costs, go to our Cost of Tuition page.