Like other agencies... 

...we do the essential things:

  • All tutors are DBS checked
  • All tutors are specialists in their field
  • Lesson reports are sent to your email after each lesson is completed
  • Termly reports sent at the end of term
  • The company Directors on call whenever you need a free telephone consultation
  • Pay simply at the end of every month via Direct Debit or Go Cardless

But better.

We take a holistic approach to one-to-one education, providing teaching which nurtures your child and inspires them to take their learning beyond the classroom.

6 things we do as standard that no-one else does:


1. Careful assessment of each student

Every student has unique needs, and our assessments allow us to support your tutor, to maximise the enjoyability and effectiveness of each tutorial.

The Academy’s most experienced tutors are tasked with guiding your child through these specially created assessments, in the comfort of your own home. 

We ensure maximum compatibility between the student and their chosen tutor. We will always provide a student with the tutor who they will be most able to relate to and with whom they will be able to develop the mutual respect necessary for an optimal working environment.


2. Tutor training and selection

Only the best applicants are approved.

As well as academic prowess, we look for character and charisma in our tutors. It is of great importance that your tutor will earn the respect and friendship of your child. Simply having an academic CV is not sufficient to becoming a London Academy tutor.

The further training that Academy tutors embark upon is staggered throughout the jobs they take on and tutors are provided with video tutorials and reflections to encourage continued professional development.



3. Working in collaboration with Schools

We have seen many examples of students left confused by conflicting instructions from their class-teachers and tutors. Many schools are understandably frustrated by the growing influence of an unregulated trade.

We work to develop relationships between our tutors and class teachers at schools across London. This dialogue with schools ensures that we can compliment the hard work their teachers do, and avoid any conflicts.

The most important thing is regular communication and so, unless otherwise informed, your tutor will contact your child’s form tutor when tuition begins and will keep in regular contact for the duration of lessons, cc’ing you in to all correspondence.


4. Ongoing Support

Student reports are issued by your tutor every half-term and lesson-by-lesson summaries are emailed directly to you so you can keep up-to-date with tuition.

Furthermore, Academy staff share a wealth of knowledge on many matters and you are invited to get in touch at any point to discuss your child's programme of study.

Your tutor is tasked with creating engaging lessons for your child in the weeks, months and years after tuition commences, and we will always be on hand to ensure that every tutorial is happening with this in mind.




5. Learn Free

Learn Free is our sister charity which attempts to redress the educational imbalance in present in London schools by providing tutors and mentors to children in schools, who would otherwise be unable to afford one-to-one tuition.

We put 10% of all London Academy profits into the Learn Fee bursary account.

You can learn more about the work our Tutors do for Learn Free by clicking here.


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